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Multi-strain probiotic with garlic extract, vitamins, minerals, yeast extracts and glucose polymers. Restores and refreshes beneficial gut bacteria and conditions the gut to make it more favourable for friendly bacteria. Used twice a week, it ensures a healthy gut flora and helps improve the resistance to gut infections.

Key Features:
Long shelf life, can be used all year round to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Approx 1 gram (4 pinches) over livefood per kg of reptile bodyweight.

Active ingredients:
14 different vitamins, 8 "Rapisorb" minerals, yeast extracts, glusose polymers, L.casei casei - 0.17 billion cfus per gram. E.faecium 0.5 billion cfus per gram. Total bacterial count 0.67 billion cfus per gram.

Shelf Life:
Normally 20-24 months.