CROCdoc Avisafe


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A powerful and versatile disinfectant.  Can be used safely for a broad range of cleaning requirements.

Key features:
Kills fungi, yeasts, and viruses as well as bacteria. Very safe, pleasant smell, non-corrosive and totally biodegradable.

Application/dilution rates:
1:100 Avisafe to water for food and water containers.
1:50 Avisafe to water for heavily soiled areas.
1:100 - 5 mls (1 teaspoon) to 500 mls (1 pint) water.
1:50 10 mls (2 teaspoons) to 500 mls (1 pint) water.

Active ingredients:
Halogenated tertiary amines.

Shelf life:
Normally 20-24 months undiluted. Diluted 6-12 months.