Retailer in America publish new website

12th Jan 2018

Our American retailer has recently launched their new website - PetMed360.  You can now purchase CROCdoc products very safely in America. … read more

New retailer in France

31st Oct 2017

Yesterday we sent an order to our new retailer in France - Zanimo.  They took Gecko Nectar, CalciBoost Powder and Calcivet Liquid. … read more

Welcome to our new website!

22nd May 2017

CROCdoc are delighted to be implementing a brand new website. The site is designed to work seamlessly on mobile devices as well as desktops. Please sign up for a new account and browse our unique rang … read more

Chelated calcium is really important for your reptiles

19th May 2017

Chelated calcium is really important! This is what a vet had to say, when a bearded dragon arrived with a fractured carpus:CROCdoc Calcivet provides a quality source of chelated calcium alongside add … read more